PricewaterhouseCoopers 2020 SCORE client engagement survey ranks SCORE Madison mentors number 3 nationally!




Each year, PricewaterhouseCoopers conducts a client engagement survey on behalf of SCORE National.  The 2020 survey was funded by the SCORE Foundation and distributed to clients from more than 200 SCORE chapters nationally in October 2020.  After the results were compiled and analyzed, SCORE Madison was ranked #3 in the country based on feedback from clients who had worked with a SCORE Madison mentor in 2020. 

Clients were asked to respond on a 5-point scale to statements such as the following regarding their experience with a SCORE Madison mentor:

  • My mentor comes to our session(s) willing to listen and understand my needs.
  • My mentor takes time to accurately assess my current situation.
  • My mentor and their advice are relevant to my business today.
  • I can be myself when working with my mentor.
  • My mentor treats me with respect.

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU to SCORE Madison mentors who provide meaningful service to clients.