Hiring For Success March 3, 2022, 9:00am CST March 3, 2022, 10:30am CST
MGE Innovation Center
505 S Rosa Rd
Rm 24
Madison, WI, 53704

Following the COVID pandemic, employees are quitting their jobs at record levels – more people are resigning now than have at any time in the past fifteen years. The best way to avoid this kind of “mass resignation” is to hire and onboard well – get the right people and they’ll stay for a lot longer.

Presenter Zac Wilcox, of INCITE Consulting Solutions, has over fifteen years of experience in leadership roles across a variety of sectors. He has hired over 200 team members across his career and was also responsible for onboarding most of those employees as well. Zac draws from both his successes and failures as he consults with companies on building effective, aligned, and cohesive teams while helping them hire, onboard, and promote the right people.

INCITE Consulting Solutions works with teams and leaders to improve hiring, retention, and employee engagement. The right people, with the right motivation and understanding of your business, can not only save you money when you retain them, but they can also give you a competitive advantage with their passion and commitment.

In this session, you’ll learn:

- how to identify the ideal team member

- to identify which questions you can ask during an interview to bring the right people on board

- uncommon interviewing tips to help you make the right hire more often

- the necessity of optimizing the new hire's onboarding process to help shape them into the kind of employee you want them to be

You will leave this session with multiple tools at your disposal to help you hire and onboard your new employees – these skills will decrease your turnover and turn your company into a desired place to work – giving you less time spent hiring, and more time making money.

Hiring For Success