Prioritizing Your Business Decisions August 4, 2021, 9:00am CDT August 4, 2021, 10:30am CDT

Are you making the right decisions? Join Zak Wilcox, noted business consultant, as he tackles the issue of prioritizing your business decisions.

Too often we struggle to know which decisions are the right ones, and which opportunities we should say yes to. If you want more clarity in your organization then there are six critical yet simple questions that you need to answer and then align your company around. A lack of clarity leads to confusion for both you and your employees, and confusion will (or already has) make your team miserable. No one should have to go home miserable.

This workshop will work through these six critical questions from the first question which asks "Why do we exist?" to much more practical and strategic questions like "How will we succeed?" Zak Wilcox, the workshop presenter, will pull examples from well-known companies like Southwest Airlines and Firestone to help you apply these concepts and questions to your organization and day-to-day work. Zac also works with small businesses such as Premio Media, Oat Handmade Interiors, and Anchor Covenant Church.

At the end of this workshop, you will have a written playbook that you can carry with you to use as a filter through which to run your decisions. Each of the six questions serves as an additional layer of the filter and will add to your clarity so that you no longer have to agonize over your decisions. You will know much more quickly and easily if you are making the right decision. If you implement your playbook and align your team and organization around the answers then you will also experience greater customer and employee loyalty, less (or no) office politics, greater engagement, and higher profits.

Zac Wilcox