The only way an idea successfully becomes a business is for you to act on your idea. Let our Madison SCORE mentors guide you through the basic steps to evolve your idea into a viable business. This four-part workshop series, presented at no cost to you, will help you focus your idea, assist in choosing a business entity, begin to build a business plan, and guide you in identifying and marketing to your ideal customers. SCORE Madison's Going Into Business four-part monthly series begins on the first Tuesday of every month.  Sign up today and get your business idea up and running.

If you thought of it, someone else might have too. Do not wait for them to turn YOUR idea into THEIR business. This workshop will focus your idea and turn it into a business ready to launch. Do not waste another day, sign up and bring your idea to life.

During these challenging times SCORE Madison is offering this series of workshops at no cost.

- Monthly Four Part Workshop Series Details -

Each Series Begins on the First Tuesday of Every Month

Session One

Six Simple Steps to Starting Your Business, a little organization goes a long way.

In this first session we will go through the initial steps to getting your business started on a track to success. Topics will include:

  • Answering the Why, What, Who, and How of your business
  • Choosing a business identity. Identifying your competition and your customer
  • The uses of a business plan

Attendees will have the ability to interact with a certified SCORE mentor as well as the opportunity to network with other attendees.

During these challenging times SCORE Madison is offering this series of workshops at no cost.

Session Two

Legal Entities and Tax Issues, how will your business find its identity?

In session two we will be exploring the differences between the business entities available to a startup business. Each entity comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Through the guidance of a certified SCORE mentor, those options will be thoroughly explained along with the tax implication of the ultimate decision. This session will also look at several related issues:

  • Importance of accurate records and bookkeeping options
  • Tax filing requirements and paying estimates
  • Payroll Taxes, Sales Tax, Social Security, and Unemployment Tax
  • Financial considerations 

Attendees will have the ability to interact with a certified SCORE mentor with career background in income tax and business entity planning.

During these challenging times SCORE Madison is offering this series of workshops at no cost.

Session Three

Researching Your Market, bringing your business to the customer.

Researching your market is a crucial step and involves so much more than just knowing what your business intends to offer. If a business is going to succeed, this step is critical. Many businesses that close, fail because this step was not taken care of before launching the business. In this session, attendees will be given the steps necessary to properly:

  • Identify their product or service 
  • Assess who their competition is and where they are operating
  • Evaluate their customers and their needs 
  • Pricing their product or service
  • Determine the marketing platforms they will use to attract the customer 

These and additional topics will be discussed in an interactive session led by a certified SCORE mentor with a background in marketing and sales.

During these challenging times SCORE Madison is offering this series of workshops at no cost.

Session Four

What is a Business Without a Plan? Eventually, just an idea.

In our final session we will explore the various types and formats for developing your business plan. A business without a plan is just a hobby. The business plan forms the backbone of your business and along with serving as a roadmap, provides a method for measuring the success of the business at chosen intervals. Along with discussing the different plans, several nagging questions will be addressed.

  • What constitutes a formal business plan, and do I need one?
  • How will I measure the success of my business?
  • If I need support, financial or otherwise, who can I turn to?
  • What are some of the different ways to finance a business?

As in previous sessions, attendees will have the ability to interact with each other and with the certified SCORE mentor facilitating the session.

During these challenging times SCORE Madison is offering this series of workshops at no cost.

- SCORE Madison Going Into Business Workshop Presenters -

Tom Bradley, Certified Score Mentor, areas of expertise: finance; accounting; general management; manufacturing and distribution; sales and marketing; business plans; strategies; developing a financial budget; purchasing or selling a business

Bill Ferguson, Certified Score Mentor, areas of expertise: accounting and all phases of taxation; business finance; strategy and planning; banking; financial service and insurance; real estate; rental services and leasing

Mike George, Certified Score Mentor, areas of expertise: business plan development for start-ups and nonprofits; services for nonprofits include: starting a nonprofit; strategic planning; governance; development; volunteer managment; fundraising

Gene Heilman, Certified Score Mentor, area of expertise: business operations; startup; human resources; franchising; educational services; agriculture and farming; sales; marketing; budget management; time management

Dave Jenneke, Certified Score Mentor, areas of expertise: educational services; import/export; international trade; marketing; retail wholesale; sales; supply chain; transportation; warehousing; governmental regulations

Bruce Kahn, Certified Score Mentor, areas of expertise: product pricing; financial projections; profitability analysis and improvement strategies; business operations, strategies; governmental regulations; manufacturing; marketing; retail/wholesale; sales and sales management.

George Wennerlynn, Certified Score Mentor, areas of expertise: forming a limited liability company (LLC); becoming a consultant; public relations; customers/clients account strategies; managing business operations; how to add customer value: cost-benefit analysis; contract development

Ken Wundrow, Certified Score Mentor, areas of expertise: business tax structuring; business plan and identity; service delivery; marketing; developing internal processes; financial advice, loans and insurance advice