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2/25/2015  Are you seeking and servicing “customers” or “clients”?


In the world of “business-to-consumer” sales and service, quite often businesses are pursuing and supporting “customers” as opposed to “clients.” For example, in the retail space generally speaking retailers (i.e., fast food restaurants, certain department stores, and others) work on a straight forward routine transaction basis with their “customers” hoping that with competitive quality products and efficient yet friendly service they will attract new and repeat “customers”. Let’s contrast the preceding with the world of “Business-to-business” sales and service where most often companies strive to secure and retain “clients”. With clients there is an implied much closer strategic business relationship that is carefully nurtured up front leading to frequent new business from the client ongoing over an extended period of time…hopefully many years. With clients your business often branches out to many new areas of client opportunity because over time you continue to “delight” not just “satisfy” those clients with your superior sales, service and real world solutions to their business problems and you also adjust long-term to their ever-changing needs. Lastly, whether you indeed have “customers” or “clients” obviously never take any one of them for granted as your competitors will assuredly be very happy to step in for you!


Authored by:

John M. Wise, Certified SCORE Mentor

Madison SCORE Chapter 145