In 2014, SCORE Madison brought together eight of its members with extensive nonprofit organization experience to plan and implement expansion of services to support nonprofit organizations in Wisconsin. Members of the group reached out to over 200 nonprofits to identify needs. Workshops, free counseling by SCORE certified mentors, plus print and electronic resources have focused on the primary needs identified by the organizations: Strategic Planning, Governance and Board Development, Marketing and Communications, Volunteer Recruitment, and Fundraising. Foremost among the group leading this effort is Boris Frank who has a national reputation of leadership and counseling to hundreds of nonprofits for over 50 years. The first two resources offered free through this nonprofit section come from his personal library. Visit this section often. New material will be added on a regular basis.

An extensive set of guiding documents for nonprofits from the collection of Boris Frank Associates:

Non-Profit Toolbox


Recorded National Webinars for nonprofits selected and reviewed for you by the SCORE Madison Nonprofit Committee:

The One Page Business Plan: Simple and Highly Effective

Ten Principles to Running a Virtual Company Extremely Well

Simple Recipe for Social Media Success

Protecting Your Business from Fraud


Resources and Reference Materials for Nonprofit Organizations:

SCORE Nonprofit Purpose and Tax-Exempt Status

SCORE Planning Tools for Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit Startup Checklist

Complete Guide to Registering A 501c3 Nonprofit

Nonprofit Wisconsin in Brief, Size, and Scope

SCORE Madison