Jerry Gitchel became a technology trainer the day his boss set a box on his desk and told him, “Here’s your new computer. Learn how to use it – then you can teach me.” Since then, he has been helping people and corporations learn to use and leverage the latest technology. In 2005, he started Leverage Unlimited, a technology consulting firm, where he helps businesses grow by automating processes, connecting with customers, building a web presence, and developing brand reputation strategies.

As consumer technology habits and corporate needs have transformed over the past decade, Gitchel has nimbly adapted, moving from application training to search engine optimization to blogging and social networking. He now focuses on projects to develop mobile apps, websites and digital strategy.

My Successes: 

Gitchel’s success is visible in the accomplishments of his clients. He helped the Linda Harvey group increase their student population by 20,000 through an online learning management system, a rush job that he delivered on time and under budget. He also helped Jackie Dorst, who trains dental professionals in safe practices, digitize her entire business.

What's Great About My Mentor?: 

Gitchel sought mentoring from SCORE mentor Frances Fisher, who has expertise in purchasing and turning around underperforming small businesses. He now hopes to buy companies that lack a digital vision and leverage their value through the skills he has built up over the past decade.

Leverage Unlimited